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Un mandarino per Teo - orchestral Suite

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Teo, the protagonist, is a cinematic appearance. One day he is approached by two persons respectively dressed in white and black who offer him a deal: if he presses a bell to kill a Chinese Mandarin on the other side of the world, he will inherit a lot of money. Teo decides to press and, after a few days, a notary brings him the inheritance of the dead mandarin: one billion! At first the protagonist has a lot of fun, he neglects his girlfriend Rosanella, friends and relatives; but the feelings of guilt begin to take place and towards the end of the comedy, in order to retrace his steps, Teo has to put together two millions obtained in advance from the devil notary. When all seems lost, the devil himself, together with the kindness of friends and acquaintances, collects the amount due.

Commentary on the scene music

This transcription-reconstruction of the music by Gorni Kramer written for the comedy "Un mandarino per Teo" (A mandarin for Teo) was created bearing in mind two main elements: first the fidelity to the original harmonic taste and color of the orchestration, and then the particular sound and executive style of the "Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto". I thought to highlight the skills of the soloists, especially wind instruments, in order to create an amalgam with various references to classical style, jazz and dance music.


Un Mandarino per Teo - Svegliati amore 02:20


Un Mandarino per Teo - Danza tartara 01:45


Un Mandarino per Teo - Soldi soldi 01:56


Un Mandarino per Teo - M'ha baciato 03:58


Un Mandarino per Teo - VIP 01:33


Un Mandarino per Teo - Incubo 04:12