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Sonata No. 1 (1989)

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The Sonata for piano (1989) is written as a single movement divided into sections.

Andantino – Allegro molto – Meno allegro – Tempo primo – Allegro molto – Meno allegro

An introductory Andantino directly leads into an Allegro molto which contains the main theme and the transition to a more quiet secondary theme (Meno allegro). After the development, the recapitulation is shortened: it contains a summary of the Introduction and it omits the main theme. Since the work lacks a clear tonality, the transition and the secondary theme are identically repeated.

In order to allow the interpreter as much freedom as possible to express the music as he feels, I chose not to include Metronome Marks. Pedal is completely marked only in those places where particular effects are required. The use of “una corda” is left to the interpreter’s taste.

Catalogue: ACO-002

Duration: ca. 7 min.

DIfficulty: Advanced

No. pages: 16

First public performance: Limena (Italy) 1992

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