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Pensieri (2000)

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“Pensieri” (Thoughts) (2000) is a piano piece divided into seven sections which explore and develop the same material by different means:

Preludio – Quasi valzer – Ostinato – Moto perpetuo – Sviluppo – Ripresa – Coda

The piece starts with a short prelude followed by the main theme like a Valzer. A secondary idea follows in a Ostinato style which develops into a Moto perpetuo. A condensed and varied reprise directly leads into a Coda. The title refers to imaginary thoughts which focus alternatively on various subjects and moods. In the Coda the thoughts fade away.

Catalogue: ACO-020

Duration: ca. 5 min.

Difficulty: Medium

No. Pages: 16

You will get a PDF (816KB) file

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