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Alessandro Cesaro

Pianist and Composer

About Me

Alessandro Cesaro began to study music very early when he showed his interest in musical composition. Then he completed regular piano studies with Franco Angeleri at Padua’s Conservatory where he graduated with top marks and special mention when he was 16. Later he attended classes with Paul Badura-Skoda and Aldo Ciccolini. He was soon awarded in several National and International Piano Competitions including Premio Venezia and Yamaha Prize in Stresa. His achievement at the 48th CIEM Geneva is especially important and places him in evidence at the age of 18. His recitals throughout Italy are countless and he usually plays also in Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Mexico and Croatia. He often collaborates with many notable musicians including Claudio Scimone, Paul Badura-Skoda, Anton Nanut and Pedro Ignacio Calderòn. An uncommon feature of his personality is the extraordinary versatility which allows him to have in his repertory all the major composers from Haydn to the moderns. He has recorded with Velut Luna, Rivoalto and Azzurra Music. He is equally active also as a composer and his output includes piano music, chamber music with various combinations and some orchestral works. His eclectic but personal style is significantly changed during the years from neoclassicism to atonality, from aleatory to structuralism.

Schubert: Piano Sonatas

Video interview with Marco Lincetto (Velut Luna) and Alessandro Cesaro.

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